Driving into the familiar unknown of blogging


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Regan, age 3


Ever since I was a child I have absolutely loved my drives home. From kindergarten I’ve followed the same end of day routine of telling whoever is driving all about my day; often starting with the most exciting part of my day. It wasn’t until our blog lesson in Frank Armstrong’s class this semester that I came to the conclusion that I have been verbally blogging my whole life.


Though I am technically a new blogger, blogging has really felt like a natural fit for me both as a student and an individual. I feel like I now have a platform that I can air out all of my insights and hone my writing skills while making my transition into the professional business world.

As I am officially entering the ‘blogosphere’, I am delighted with the content theme of my blog. This blog serves me as a place to connect my personal and professional experiences with my desired career field of Advertising & Marketing Communications.


Since our lesson in Frank Armstrong’s class, I’ve been applying the structure and technique of blogging to all aspects of my writing. To be honest, I think my friends are enjoying our conversations more than usual because of my new knowledge on the art of blogging.

As a part-time dance instructor/choreographer, I often use the structure of blogging in my teaching. For example, I’ll start a class by telling students what our new content will be for the day (the most exciting part for most); then transition into learning the new content (the discussion section), and finishing with blending the new and old content together (the conclusion and lasting thought).

A key element in blogging effectively I have been finding to be that of a challenge is keeping things short. Blogs are not essays. We were taught in MCOM 5 that readers want to know the main idea of the blog post early so they can decide if it’s worth reading further. I am getting more comfortable with keeping my writing more direct and to the point through blogging which is a skill I am happy to be honing.

At the end of the day, I want my blog to evolve into a strong resource for people to look at and see my progression as I go from a student to a young professional. Blogging will allow me to reach this goal while fulfilling my need to have that nostalgic story-telling time I so long for again. This blog shall be my car ride home.

-Regan Druce

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