The cure to chaos

coffee-contemporary-flower-6463In chaos, there lies great thought. Life is extraordinarily chaotic at times and it can be difficult to find the medium that settles it all. For me, the medium that settles the chaos is blogging.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the art of blogging this semester in Frank Armstrongs MCOM5 class. An introduction I am happy to have made. Blogging has given me a space to express my thoughts and opinions. Blogging enables me to connect my passions like philosophy and my work in marketing together to show the complete picture of my own mind to the world.

This semester blogging has taught me connectivity. When writing posts I always try to connect the starting thoughts to the finishing ones to show the full evolution of a post. Since blogs are meant to be short, this strategy really has helped me collect my thoughts. I have also used this strategy to mutter through the chaos of my other school work and life decisions.

Blogging made me realize that I need an outlet to discuss my thoughts on topics. I’ve always loved writing, often gravitating to forms that relate to my perspective. Blogging gives me the opportunity to relate my personal anecdotes to professional topics.

I plan to continue my blog both inside the classroom and outside. Over the summer I plan to write about more philosophy, music, film and marketing trends. Thank-you for enduring the chaos that is my mind and giving me your attention to explain my insights.



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