Leaning into the wisdom of Sheryl Sandberg

Choosing Sheryl Sandberg as my thought leader was an easy decision for me. In my Perspectives of Leadership class with Kathy Patterson, we have been tasked to study a thought leader for the semester, then taking our learning and applying it to a workshop in class. When I knew Sheryl Sandberg and her book Lean In were options I immediately reserved it.

Although I am only about a third of the way into Lean In, I have already learned two valuable lessons from Sheryl Sandberg. The first lesson is to always “take a seat at the table” and the second being the “the ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have”.


Take a seat at the table

Sheryl talks about how if you are a woman and you are in any way involved in a meeting you should take a seat at the table. This stands also as an analogy for individuals but specifically women in business. Taking a seat at the table applies to more than just a meeting, it applies to everything involving the success of an individual.

By asserting yourself, you are showing that you not only deserve but that you also demand respect. Sheryl talks about a certain situation where she was one of the only women attending a meeting. When the meeting took a bio-break the associate running the meeting could not tell Sheryl where the ladies bathroom was because there had been so few women attending meetings in their office. This is shocking.

Never stop learning

Sheryl talks about how leaders are always learning. By continuing to learn you are continuing to become a stronger leader. I apply this to all aspects of my life. To learn is to understand in my mind. By continuing to learn about yourself you are able to understand others from your internal, intellectual “clock”.

Online Presence

Sheryl Sandberg has an active online presence. On Twitter she shares her thoughts on leadership, shares other individuals views she admires, and converses with other leaders. She brands herself as not only a leader and a business professional but as a human being just trying to balance it all.

What I hope to still learn

I really hope I am able to learn tools on how to assert myself in business to earn my success. I also really hope to gain insight into the changing landscape of women in business. Her perspective is incredibly inspiring to me, she has such a factual based insight; everything is demonstrated by fact, which I love as an analytical person.

“Collection” of Consumerism



Have you ever been looking at an Instagram advertisement and wish you could be directed straight to the featured products? Well if you said yes I have some brilliant news for you. Instagram has introduced “collection” advertisements. These advertisements allow brands to give consumers direct purchasing to their products without leaving the Instagram application.




This technology was first tested with consumers on Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, so it was only natural that Facebooks younger “sibling” Instagram take this step into the universe of “collection” advertisements.

Instagram is known to be mainly targeted at the Millenial demographic. That being said, Instagram is also quite known to propose many advertising opportunities for consumers.  The new “collection advert format allows consumers to stay in the app while shopping. When a consumer clicks on an advert they can easily “swipe-up” on the advert to reveal a collection of 50 more items, usually featured in the ad.

This technology on Instagram is most popularly used currently by fashion and beauty brands. The two most notable brands using the “collection” ad format are Revolve and Birchbox. Both of these brands have used social media as their main form of advertising their brands and products so it was only natural that they both branch into the “collection” advert trend.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook said that: “About two-thirds of the visits to Instagram business profiles are from people who don’t yet follow them. This is how many businesses are finding new customers.”. This data provides the perfect rationale as to why “collection” adverts could be the way of the future for brands on both Instagram and Facebook.

Overall, I think that “collection” ads are a genius way to allow consumers to purchase their more niche products or rather indulgent ones with the click of a few buttons while staying in the Instagram app. In my opinion, this is an excellent step for brands that market mainly through social media platforms in that I think it will increase sales.

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