The first real edit I made to my life

As a child, I always knew I wanted to end up on a career path that made me feel like it was the best place on this earth for my energy to be. I went through many phases along the way. From ages 8-15 I geared my life to becoming a doctor; an OB/GYN to be exact. From ages 16-18 I geared my life into the legal field in search of being a lawyer. But then something happened when I turned 19; an awakening of sorts. When I turned 19, I realized I didn’t want those careers at all.

I think I got swept up in comfort of the routine in it all and as a highly organized person, I liked the seemingly traditionality of paths like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. It was something about being young and told I would only find a job if I picked a path like those. A path with a clear trajectory; and a long road ahead of my young soul. I was so scared of not finding a stable career I even started university in a pre-law program thinking that I would start to fully see myself in that type of suit one day. It was the suit everyone already saw me in. Just not the suit I was sure I would fit into perfectly.

In the winter of 2016, I had decided that I was going to listen to that voice in my head and look for what I was really best suited to do. Now, I approached this life decision differently than all others I had made before because I realized that I was letting the people around me affect my choices too much. I kept my unhappiness a secret from everyone and started looking for my happiness.

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My search started with a personality test – Myers Briggs (Hello fellow ENTJ/INTJ people!). From there I examined other successful people with the same personality type, then looked into their careers and life stories. Many of them were writers, media personalities, tech moguls, and politicians. I had always thought of a job in writing and media but it never felt like an option for me as people had already put me in that “She’s going to be a lawyer” box. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had been repressing my wants all along. I guess you could say my need for structure and stability bit me where the sun don’t shine on that one.

As my countless career quizzes were coming to a close I was seeing a few commonalities in the results. Commonalities I had noticed about all my careers quizzes/tests I had taken through my entire life, but ignored up until this point. The results all had a few career path suggestions in common… advertising, communications, publishing, public relations and digital design. All areas I had been interested in and excelled in naturally, but never explored fully.

I knew I needed to find a program that I could explore these areas more thoroughly while gaining some real experience. I started with a simple google search: “Advertising and marketing programs Canada”. Looking back, that simple google search changed my entire life trajectory. As I started reading the program description, my gut told me this is what I needed to do with my education and my life.

I guess you could say my life has changed vastly since coming to St. Lawrence College. I finally chose happiness, I finally only listened to myself, I didn’t let others opinions, praise, or criticism change my decision. This was really the first edit I made to my own life and I much enjoy wearing my new suit over my old one.

– Regan Druce